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Proud of paramedic who died in the line of duty

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Just wanted to share my little story in regard to Michael Wilson receiving the Pride of Australia Medal.
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I work in a small business in Gymea and not too long ago a customer was feeling very unwell.

Michael Wilson had just popped in straight after night shift to purchase a card for one of his kids.

He could see my customer in distress and took the time to check her and suggested she go straight to her doctor.

He was obviously exhausted from his night at work but still showed concern for a total stranger.

Just goes to show how much of a caring man he was.

Editor’s note: Michael Wilson, 42 of Gymea Bay died on Christmas Eve 2011 rescuing an injured canyoner at Carrington Falls, south of Wollongong.

See related story:?http://www.theleader南京夜網.au/story/258235/paramedic-michael-wilson-a-hero-remembered/

Much loved: Michael Wilson

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Boat theft

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BUSSELTON Police are seeking information regarding the theft of a boat from a jetty at Lanyard Boulevard in Port Geographe.
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Thieves stole the boat between 11-11.30pm on Sunday.

The boat was taken for a joy ride, before being abandoning at Freycinet Drive after it started to take on water due to a missing bung.

The boat was recovered and a pair of bright yellow men’s Nike Free Run 3 sport shoes were found onboard.

Police are investigating but ask anyone with information to call 9754 9555 or contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Senior Sergeant Steve Principe is also urging parents to be aware of the parties their children are attending following the police accompanying an ambulance to treat a patient injured at a party on a farm.

He said that parents need to ask their children about parties they are going to.

“Party season is upon us and people need to be careful of unsanctioned parties where there is no control over drug and alcohol use.

“Parents must be mindful of where their kids are going,” Senior Sergeant Principe said.

“The last thing we want to be dealing with is out of control parties and avoidable injuries because it ties up police resources.

“People need to be conscious of safety and consider how they are getting to and from parties.”

A black and green BMX with purple handle grips was stolen from Subway at 7.30pm on Saturday night.

The owner of the bike attempted to chase a male who rode away on it.

A wallet and a bottle of Bacardi were stolen from a house on Ostia Way in Geographe on Monday morning.

Thieves accessed the home through an unlocked door.

The rear door of a home on Adelaide Street was forced between 5.30pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday.

Jewellery and a Fuji camera were stolen.

A car was damaged on Cookworthy Street in Geographe overnight on Saturday.

The front door of the car appeared to have been damaged by a bicycle being ridden into it.

Senior Sergeant Principe with the shoes that were left on the stolen boat.

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Local Year 12s?share their hopes

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Two Year 12 students have shared their aspirations for the future.
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Hayden Laube from St Mark’s College has dreams of becoming a scientist.

His preferred place of study is Adelaide University, which he described as “the most appealing” of all the universities.

He is looking at studying physics but also has an interest in maths and nutrition.

“I have applied at Adelaide University for a few science courses,” he said.

He said when he begins university he will live at St Anne’s Residential College.

However, he would like to take a gap year first when he will start looking for a job.

“I might look at an apprenticeship if one comes up,” he said.

He has enjoyed Year 12 but looks forward to the challenges of the future.

“It will be pretty sad to leave the family,” he said.

“I am going to miss my friends.

“But a lot are going to university, so I will still see them.”

Another St Mark’s College student, Hannah Young is hoping to study a double degree in special and primary education at Flinders University.

She will start next year.

Her motivation for studying the course has come from working as a volunteer for Riding for Disabled.

“I love working with children.

“It kind of inspired me.”

And Hannah has no plans to live in the city when she finishes her degree.

“I would like tolive in a rural area definitely,” she said.

“I just love being in the country.

She said country areas need help with special needs children.

“There is not enough support for them.

Instead of staying at a residential college, Hannah plans to live with two other Port Pirie girls near the university.

Moving away is going to be a big step for Hannah but she believes she will learn to be independent “very quick”.

“I’m really nervous, I’m not a city person,” she said.

“I’m going to miss the country.

“I’m country born and bred.”

Hannah Young, left, and Hayden Young are looking forward to going to university.

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Obama, Rudd to discuss climate change

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THE US and Australia are expected to work closely together on climate change policy in Italy next month, after the US president, Barack Obama phoned Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd to discuss cooperation Tuesday.In a brief statement the White House said they had also discussed the North Korea nuclear issue, including ways in which the United States and Australia can work together to ensure full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1874.The two leaders are due to meet in Italy in July, when world leaders convene for a Major Economies Meeting to discuss climate change ahead of the December deadline for a new treaty to reduce global emissions.This Major Economies forum was originally set up by the former President George Bush and has been continued by President Obama, even though there was some scepticism about its initial purpose. Australia and the US share a common interest in investment in clean coal technologies as both countries depend on coal for large amounts of their power. The US is also under pressure from the European Community to commit to more stringent mid-term cuts to its emissions and Australia is likely to be an ally in arguing for a more gradual path for nations like the US and Australia.The US cap and trade scheme, likely to come before Congress later this week, proposes that the US cut its emissions by 17 per cent below 2005 levels by 2020 ; the EU is urging nations to cut their emissions by 20 per cent below 1990 levels in the same timeframe.Australia’s proposed scheme would deliver a 14 per cent cut below 2005 levels, making it more comparable to the US scheme. The EU, the US and Australia are all working toward a cut of 83 per cent below 2005 levels by 2050.
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Riff row leaves Men at Work up a legal gum tree

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A MUSIC publisher claiming the Australian band Men at Work stole a riff from a popular children’s song may not be entitled to sue for breach of copyright because it may not own the rights, a court has heard.Larrikin Music claims that the flute riff in the band’s 1981 classic, Down Under copied the Australian children’s classic Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree, written in 1934 by a Melbourne music teacher, Marion Sinclair, for a Girl Guide competition.In a hearing in the Federal Court yesterday, counsel for Larrikin, David Yates, SC, said Down Under reproduced a “substantial part” of Kookaburra without permission or payment of royalties to Larrikin and Ms Sinclair.CLICK HERE FOR MEN AT WORK VIDEO But Sony BMG and EMI, along with the two writers of Down Under, Colin Hay and Ron Strykert, claim Ms Sinclair handed over copyright to the Girl Guides Association of Victoria when she submitted it to the competition and that Larrikin never owned the rights.Counsel for EMI, David Catterns, QC, told the court Ms Sinclair had entered the competition calling for entrants to submit a song in the round, a short story, a poem or a picture that could be used for a Christmas card. He said money raised from the six pence entry fee as well as money made selling the winning entries would go towards building a guide camp house.Competition details were printed in a circular and the official Girl Guide magazine Matilda, stating that all material entered would become property of the Girl Guide Association of Victoria, Mr Catterns said.”It’s not just saying ‘don’t blame us if we lose your drawing or song’,” he told the court. “It’s saying ‘we are going to get the copyright because we are going to use it’.”But counsel for Larrikin, David Yates, SC, said Girl Guides Victoria never sought copyright and had instead asked Ms Sinclair for permission to reproduce it in a 1970 campfire songbook.Larrikin claims it had won a tender for the copyright for Kookaburra from the South Australian Public Trustee in 1990, after Ms Sinclair died.Its managing director, Norman Lurie, told the court it was not until nine years later that he was told Ms Sinclair had signed over her copyright to the Libraries Board of South Australia a year before her death. Mr Lurie claims he then bought the copyright from the board.He launched legal action against Down Under’s song writers and the record companies in 2007 after the television show Spicks And Specks raised the alleged similarities.The case has been adjourned until Friday.
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Brown and Blair face grilling over Iraq war

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THE British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his predecessor, Tony Blair, will be called to give evidence on their roles in the lead-up to the Iraq war after the chairman of the newly formed inquiry forced the Labour Government to open it to the public.The chairman, Sir John Chilcot, was told on Monday that the Government had softened its decision to hold hearings in private, and it has emerged that both prime ministers are likely to be called to the witness box.Sir John, a former Northern Ireland permanent secretary, said that he wanted an open inquiry and this would apply “across the board” unless compelling arguments were made that evidence might threaten national security or compromise the security of Britain’s allies.The suggestion that Mr Blair and Mr Brown will be called to public hearings was revealed by the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, who attended a private meeting on the inquiry’s terms of reference with Sir John on Tuesday. A separate briefing was held with the Conservative Party leader, David Cameron.The Guardian reported yesterday that in a letter to Sir John, Mr Clegg wrote not only that he was “very pleased” to see how much progress had been made in opening the inquiry to the public but that “it was also good to hear you confirm that you will be seeking evidence from Tony Blair and others in high office”.His letter and the new terms of the inquiry show that the public outcry over a closed inquiry into the lead-up to the Iraq war has pushed the beleaguered Brown Government to reconsider its decision and open proceedings to voter scrutiny.Other changes now agreed for the Iraq inquiry include the use of expert assessors to help cross-examine witnesses. These would include constitutional experts and military specialists.Witnesses will not swear an oath before the inquiry – common in Britain – but letters making it clear that evidence must be truthful will be provided.The inquiry is not due to report until July next year, although Sir John has signalled that an interim report may be produced before next year’s general election. However, there is no indication that the high-profile witnesses will be called before the poll.Mr Brown told Parliament on June 15 that the Franks inquiry into the 1982 Falklands war, held behind closed doors, would be the model for the Iraq committee, and argued that this would allow significant players – from ministers to generals – to provide “candid” evidence.The terms of the inquiry are to be debated in the House of Commons today, but Downing Street has already confirmed full co-operation with the inquiry.
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Troops, courts stifle Tehran street protests

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THE Iranian Government has continued to move aggressively to crush popular protests over the disputed presidential election, setting up a special court for demonstrators, detaining hundreds of independent and opposition journalists and activists, and sending police and militiamen onto the streets.The comprehensive crackdown left the centre of Tehran eerily quiet on Tuesday, given the huge demonstrations and clashes of recent days, in which at least 17 demonstrators have been killed.Arrests and intimidation left the opposition with no visible leadership, even amid mostly anonymous calls on the internet for more demonstrations and even a general strike.Stepping up its assertion of victory, the Government took the provocative step on Tuesday of announcing its intention to certify the re-election as president of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and of having him sworn in by early August. The spokesman for the Guardian Council, the panel of clerics that oversees and certifies election results, flatly rejected all claims of electoral fraud, which sparked the most sustained challenge to the Government since the Islamic revolution in 1979.One of the defeated presidential candidates, Mohsen Rezai, has written to the Guardian Council withdrawing his complaints about the election, saying that the country’s “political, social and security situation has entered a sensitive and decisive phase, which is more important than the election”.However, there were growing signs of divisions among supporters of Mr Ahmadinejad. MPs, upset with the brutality of the official crackdown, summoned the ministers of justice, intelligence and the interior to a hearing.And while there was no talk of political compromise, the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, agreed to extend by five days the actual certification of the election – a move that appeared largely symbolic.By Tuesday night, the Government’s chokehold on the opposition appeared to have left it in disarray. The last confirmed public appearance of the reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi was on Thursday, and he last issued a statement on Sunday. His website was not working well and his newspaper had been raided by the police and its staff of about 25 arrested.The question hanging over the opposition, a diverse collection of reformers, conservatives, clerics, students and members of the middle and working classes, was what, if anything, would take the extraordinary events of the last week forward.The Government continued to keep the opposition off balance, in part by detaining many people, including some with records of independence from the state but no connection with the protests.At least 55 journalists, intellectuals and former government officials have been held because of association with Mr Mousavi.In other developments, Britain has ordered the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats, in a tit-for-tat response to the expulsion of two British diplomats from Iran.Tehran told Britain it was throwing out two diplomats, who have not been named, for “activities incompatible with their diplomatic status” – a claim the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, described as “unjustified”.On Friday, Ayatollah Khamenei singled out Britain as the “most evil” country.
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G8 wives urged to boycott summit

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THE partners of world leaders who will attend the G8 summit in Italy next month have been urged to boycott the meeting in solidarity with Italian women infuriated by Silvio Berlusconi’s attitude to women.Just 24 hours after the British newspaper The Guardian published a stinging editorial describing him as Europe’s most sexist leader, a group of senior women academics in Italy have urged the “first ladies”, including the wives of the US President and the British Prime Minister, not to attend the G8, which will be hosted by Mr Berlusconi.In an open letter titled “Appeal to the first ladies”, the four professors – from Milan, Perugia, Padova and Ferrara universities – have braved government wrath to state their anger about the Italian Prime Minister’s behaviour.”We are profoundly indignant, as women working within the world of universities and culture, for the way the Presidente del Consiglio, Silvio Berlusconi, treats women in the public and private realm,” the letter states. “We refer not only to the Prime Minister’s relationships, which transcend the personal sphere and assume a public dimension, but more importantly to the way in which political personnel is recruited and to the sexist behaviour and discourse that, in a perverse and systematic way, delegitimises the presence of women on the social and institutional scene.”In a strongly worded criticism of the promotion of starlets, actresses and models as candidates of Mr Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party, the professors, Chiara Volpato, Angelica Mucchi Faina, Anne Maas and Marcella Ravenna, said the Prime Minister’s behaviour threatened the dignity of all Italian women and had also started to have a serious and negative impact on feminine self-determination and achievement.They said the control Mr Berlusconi exerted over the bulk of the Italian media also seriously limited the freedom to express disagreement or to publish criticism.During the past two months Mr Berlusconi has been enveloped in a series of scandals, from accusations he “consorted with minors” to spending the night with a paid escort.The academics wrote: “We appeal to the first ladies of the countries involved in the upcoming G8 at L’Aquila, asking them to desert the Italian meeting, to affirm strongly and unambiguously that the de-legitimisation of women in one country offends women of all countries.”
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Sharks in the dark can match Hannibal

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GREAT white sharks may have some things in common with human serial killers: they don’t attack at random, but stalk specific victims, lurking out of sight.They hang back and observe from a not-too-far base, hunt strategically, and learn from previous attempts, according to a study published online in the Journal Of Zoology.Researchers used a serial-killer profiling method to figure out just how the fearsome ocean predator hunts, something that has been hard to observe beneath the surface.”There’s some strategy going on,” said a study co-author, Neil Hammerschlag, a shark researcher at the University of Miami who observed 340 great white attacks on seals off an island in South Africa. “It’s more than sharks lurking in the water waiting to go after them.”The sharks feeding at Seal Island could have just hovered right where the seals congregated if they were random killers-of-opportunity, Hammerschlag said. But they weren’t.The sharks had a distinct mode of operation. They were focused. They stalked from a usual base of operations, 90 metres from their victims. It was close enough to see their prey, but not close enough to be seen and scare off their victims.They attacked when the lights were low. They liked their victims young and alone. They tried to attack when no other sharks were around to compete. They learned from previous kills. And they attacked from below, unseen.There is a big difference between great white sharks and serial killers and it comes down to motive. The great whites attack to eat and survive, not for thrills. And great whites are majestic creatures that should be saved, Hammerschlag said.”They both have the same objective, which is to find a target or prey or victim,” said another study co-author, Kim Rossmo, a lecturer in criminal justice at Texas State University-San Marcos. “They have to lurk. They want to be efficient in their search.”The human criminal has to worry about being caught by police and thus is even more careful, said Rossmo, who was a police officer for more than 21 years in Vancouver.The entire shark-serial killer connection is something right out of a crime novel.Aidan Martin, a Canadian shark researcher who has since died, was reading a mystery that detailed the relatively new field of geographic profiling, which tries to find criminals by looking for patterns in where they strike. He connected with Rossmo, a pioneer in that criminal field, and they applied the work of tracking down criminals to sleuthing shark strategy.Martin and Hammerschlag watched sharks from sunrise to sunset, applied the “fancy maths” of geographic profiling and came out with plots that showed there was some real stalking going on.Older sharks did better and were more stealthy than younger, smaller sharks, demonstrating that learning was occurring, Hammerschlag said.The study focused on just one location, but the same principles are likely to be applied to other shark hunting grounds. They cannot really apply to shark attacks on people because those are so infrequent, according to Hammerschlag.But if you could figure out the base of operations for the great whites, it would give you a good idea of places to avoid if you were worried about shark attacks, he said.Other animals, such as lions, also reveal strategies in their hunting. Land animals have been observed more easily from the air or elsewhere on the ground.A shark attack researcher at the University of Florida, George Burgess, who had no role in the study, said the researchers simply used a new tool to show what scientists pretty much knew already: “Sharks are like many other predators that have developed patterns to their attacking that are obviously beneficial as a species.”
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Leading Chinese dissident accused of subversion

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BEIJING: A leading Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo, has been formally arrested for subversion, state media reported, six months after he was detained after signing a pro-democracy charter.Mr Liu, 53, was arrested on Tuesday for “alleged agitation activities aimed at subversion of the Government and overthrowing of the socialist system”, Xinhua news agency said, citing police in Beijing.Mr Liu, a writer who was involved in the 1989 Tiananmen pro-democracy protests, has been detained since December after signing Charter 08, a widely circulated petition that called for greater democracy and the rule of law in China.”Liu has been engaged in agitation activities, such as spreading of rumours and defaming of the Government, aimed at subversion of the state and overthrowing the socialist system in recent years,” Xinhua quoted a police statement as saying.Mr Liu has confessed to the charge, the statement added. His lawyer, Mo Shaoping, said he had no knowledge of the arrest. Mr Mo has not been allowed to see Mr Liu since December.Beijing police declined to comment when contacted. Mr Liu has been under a form of house arrest away from his home since December, with human-rights groups calling for Beijing to release the writer and make public the charges against him.Mr Liu, who was jailed for two years for his role in the 1989 Tiananmen protests, headed a writer’s group called the Independent Chinese PEN Centre when police took him away.His case has drawn intense international criticism, with both the European Union and the United States demanding his quick release.Novelists such as Salman Rushdie and Umberto Eco, as well as Nobel laureates in literature including Irish poet Seamus Heaney, have also campaigned for Mr Liu’s release.
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